New Marriage-Equality Poll, Same As The Old Marriage-Equality Poll

A new Associated Press/National Constitution Center poll found that 53% of respondents believe the government should give legal recognition to same-sex marriages—approximately the same amount as in a similar poll conducted last year. So is the glass half-full or half empty?

There are indications that perhaps it’s semantics keeping more people from supporting marriage equality: 55% polled said they favored gays and lesbians getting the same government benefits as heterosexual married couples. And 47% supported the idea of legally-recognized civil unions (though its unclear what percentage of those people said they were against same-sex marriage).

According to the AP, the poll also shows that anti-gay forces are fairly adamant:

… opponents of same-sex marriage were far more apt to say that the issue is one of deep importance to them. Of those polled, 44% called it extremely or very important for them personally. Among those who favor legal marriage for gay couples, 32% viewed the issue as that important.

Ugh, when are we gonna get called to weigh in on their marriages?

Image via brainchildvn