New Marriage-Equality Poll, Same As The Old Marriage-Equality Poll

A new Associated Press/National Constitution Center poll found that 53% of respondents believe the government should give legal recognition to same-sex marriages—approximately the same amount as in a similar poll conducted last year. So is the glass half-full or half empty?

There are indications that perhaps it’s semantics keeping more people from supporting marriage equality: 55% polled said they favored gays and lesbians getting the same government benefits as heterosexual married couples. And 47% supported the idea of legally-recognized civil unions (though its unclear what percentage of those people said they were against same-sex marriage).

According to the AP, the poll also shows that anti-gay forces are fairly adamant:

… opponents of same-sex marriage were far more apt to say that the issue is one of deep importance to them. Of those polled, 44% called it extremely or very important for them personally. Among those who favor legal marriage for gay couples, 32% viewed the issue as that important.

Ugh, when are we gonna get called to weigh in on their marriages?

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  • Mike


  • One of the CA 36,000

    Actually, a more important question to ask all those fundies so damn concerned about same-sex marriage:

    WHY is same-sex marriages being legal and equal so goddamn important to you personally?! How does it affect you in the very slightest?

    “Because Teh Buttsecks is icky” is NOT a valid reason under U.S. law. There are many court decisions that affirm that.

    Of course, the presence of several Opus Dei Catholics on the U.S. Supreme Court ensures that our civil rights will probably be denied for another generation. Religious psychotics will, once again, win the day. At which point I support full armed revolution. What the hell… it couldn’t hurt!

  • paul

    You probably should pick a picture of a couple that hasn’t divorced.

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