New Movie Takes on Homosexuality in India


World-renowned Indian director, Amol Palekar‘s (pictured) new movie will tackle one of India’s most taboo topics: homosexuality. Quest revolves around a woman who discovers her husband has been carrying on with another man. With the discovery, she’s forced to confront her own feelings about homosexuality in a country that still technically forbids gay sex. While the law (which dates back to British colonial rule) rarely gets enforced, it remains a legislative stain.

We always thought that Indians wanted to distance themselves from colonialism as much as possible. Bombay, after all, was recently renamed Mumbai. So, wouldn’t it make sense for them to eradicate this law? And, if they’re so insistent on keeping it on the record books, why not enforce it? Not that we’re suggesting they round up all the homos, but in a country whose economic and political power are growing exponentially, one expects a little consistency. Oh, wait, we’re writing from America. It took years until our faggot ways were technically legal. And look where that got us…

“Indian Director Wants New Movie to Raise Debate About Homosexuality” [The Advocate]