Unsexy DNA

New Murder Rap For Nearly Released Gay Killer

It sucks to be Daniel Kevin Seltzer. The 50-year old Indiana man had nearly finished a fourteen prison term for the 1983 murder of gay man, George Lamphere. Unfortunately for Seltzer, DNA evidence linked him to the 1981 murder of another gay man, Gerald G. Gherardi.

Cigarette butts from the crime scene held the truth for over 25-years before police got the technology to close the cold case. But they obviously had their suspicions:

[Police] began examining the two cases side-by-side and found striking similarities.

Both victims lived in Mishawaka, both were gay and both were church organists. Each of the victims had been strangled and in both cases the victims’ homes had been ransacked.

In each case police believe the victims met their killer at a bar.

Also, both the men’s first name’s start with ‘G’.

Now that coppers have finally proved their point, Seltzer’s settling back into his prison digs.

Don’t you love technology?