New Music From Diamond Rings, Bat For Lashes, And More!

Never one for simple soundscapes, Diamond Rings gives us a new single, “I’m Just Me,” that’s possibly his most dance floor-friendly track to date. Having cut his teeth on 2010’s Special Affections, John O seems to be even more comfortable with the electro medium this time around, a fact that’s even reflected in his lyrics: “Now I’m growing older/I’m getting bolder/Comfortable in my own skin.” Of course, we have to wonder if that’s also a reference to his gender-bending image. We haven’t been able to get great intel on which team the androgynous performer plays for, and judging from this song he’s not telling any time soon: “I’m no son or daughter / I’m just me,” he sings, channeling everyone Grace Jones to Klaus Nomi. Could “I’m Just Me” be a deliberate response to questions about O’s sexuality? If so, it’s a statement as confident and defiant as his music.