New Music From Foxy Shazam, Regina Spector. Plus: Vintage Heat From Sandy Stewart!

Regina Spektor has a new single out this week—cue squeals of glee from fans and music bloggers across the Internets. “All The Rowboats” is a lot darker than what we’ve come to expect from Spektor. Of course, Spektor is a woman who can’t even bear to watch Jurassic Park because it’s too scary, so her version of dark is a bleak fantasy in which museums and art galleries become a purgatory for the masterpieces they house. Still, “All The Rowboats” has an eerie quality, a sense of menace reinforced by the track’s thunderous drums that you won’t find in her earlier hits. The song comes from Spektor’s upcoming album, What We Saw From The Cheap Seats. Out later this spring, it looks like the album could be going head-to-head with the expected new album from Fiona Apple, an artist who arguably paved the way for someone like Spektor.

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Photo: Marc Broussley