New Music From Foxy Shazam, Regina Spector. Plus: Vintage Heat From Sandy Stewart!
Here’s a old favorite I recently rediscovered: Sandy Stewart’s “Not Like The Others” from her 1984 album, Cat Dancer. Stewart worked with Stevie Nicks on Nicks’ 1984 sophomore effort, The Wild Heart, co-writing memorable tracks like “If Anyone Falls” and “Nightbird.” Nicks returned the favor by contributing backing vocals to many of the songs on Cat Dancer (including the title track, below) and dueting with Stewart on the sub par ballad “I Pretend.”

For Nicks fans, Cat Dancer is like a disc’s worth of Wild Heart b-sides. The whole album has that great cheap coked-out’ 80s synthesizer feel, but the song that sticks in my head most is “Not Like The Others” (above). It’s a classic from that forgotten early-1980s  cheeseball genre.

If Stewart wants to make a comeback on the gays’ dime, I could get behind that!