New Music From Ultra Naté & Michelle Williams, Perfume Genius And More!

Ultra Naté and Michelle Williams have teamed up to create the musical equivalent of a vodka and Red Bull—and we swear we mean that as a compliment! “Waiting On You” is everything that a big gay dance anthem should be: fast-paced, high-energy, slick and seductive. It’s a throwback to the days when dance music was its own thing, and not the culturally pervasive flavor of the moment. Think back to the way you felt the first time you heard Deborah Cox’s “Absolutely Not” on the dance floor. That’s the vibe this track is serving.

The Karl Giant-directed video features Naté and Williams vamping it up but, close your eyes, and all you’ll see is shirtless hunks waving their hands in the air and singing along to this diva double-shot.