New One Direction Documentary Will Address Gay Fantasies, Penis Size

A5jBdPBCUAAMrLRHow about that new One Direction movie?

If you were one of the lucky fans to actually snag a seat at an advanced screening last week, you’ve already taken a peak into the lives of bandmates, seen their concert from the front row, and (most likely) screamed when Liam did anything because he’s perfect.

But what about all the things they didn’t address? Namely, gay sexual fantasies and penis sizes? Did producers miss the memo on what we actually wanted to see in the film?

Fear not, because the UK’s Channel 4 has commissioned a fan-based documentary to address the burning questions in all of us, including “death threats, gay fantasies and even One Direction’s willy sizes.” Willy sizes? This should be good.

Aside from having the perfect title, Crazy About One Direction will have perfect fans. Perfect fans that are the “most obsessed”—a.k.a. borderline insane—and will literally cry through tearjerking tales of how they once slipped the tips of their fingers into the crack of a rolled-down window on the One Direction tour bus.

Director Daisy Asquith calls it “fascinating.” We call it brilliant television.

Crazy About One Direction will premiere on August 15.