New Paraguay President Apologizes For Comparing Gay People To Monkeys

horacio-cartes-210413He’s evolved! Horacio Cartes, Paraguay’s new president-elect, who compared gay people to monkeys and said he’d shoot himself in the balls if he learned his son were gay, has issued a public apology.

“Everyone should live within the rules,” Cartes stated during his campaign, before dramatically adding. “If not, we’d be like the monkeys that swing in the trees.”

Under pressure from gay activists, the tobacco magnate, who was elected president  on Sunday, now sorta says he’s sorry. “I have no shame in apologizing to those who felt offended for an expression of mine with respect to same-sex marriage,” he offered.

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  • B Damion

    Oh Welll….white folks been doing this Issh to black people for ages. Ya win some and ya loose some.


    As the article says, I’m not quite sure that this is a sincere apology. I hope that the gays and lesbians of Paraguay don’t face discrimination during his presidency.

  • Kieran

    If that’s him in the picture all I can say is people who live in the Amazon jungle shouldn’t throw bananas.

  • Ogre Magi

    Monkeys are awesome! What is so bad about being compared to them?

  • Eban

    GLBT Paraguayans have been facing discrimination since the Stroessner dictatorship. Just recently a gay Paraguayan couple was beat up by police for kissing in a public park. I have been stopped by the police in the capital of Asuncion for walking down the street holding hands with my boyfriend. I think the only reason they let us go is because I am an American citizen. If we were both Paraguayan we probably would have been beaten.

    GLBT Paraguayans face constant discrimination and many opt to live in the closet or move away. there is some acceptance in the capital and a few gay rights organizations who run very successful programs from the capital. but Paraguay has a long way to go before it can be compared to neighboring Argentina or Uruguay. There is a lot of corruption within the government and a lot of poverty. The education system is a joke that is only 4 hours a day with an hour of recess. But this president is no different than many others before him. Lugo was the only one willing to work with and employ GLBT citizens but he was taken out of power this year through what is being called a congressional coup and was not able to finish many of his reforms.

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