New Pill Will “Cure” Homosexuality In 8 Sad, Delusional Months

Homofin_gay_cure_drugThose Turkish scientists — what will they think of next?! Having come up with a cure for homosexuality (finally!), the world is their oyster. Shuck away.

Introducing “Homofin,” an herbal treatment that leaves being gay “up to you” by influencing your hormones. According to Gay Star News, the pill’s site even encourages wary mothers to secretly dissolve it into their son’s food should they suspect him of being gay.

“Mom, why does this taste funny?
“It tastes like an eternity not spent burning in hell now eat up!”

Though clearly a crock of shit, the pill has prompted a response from the Psychiatric Association of Turkey — noting that it’s a crock of shit:

We would like to share with you the information that we took legal action and filed complaints with the relevant institutions such as the governorship, the board of advertisement and the public prosecutor’s office concerning the so-called medicine “homofin.” Homofin was put on the market through a website with the claim that the so-called medicine “treats” homosexuality.

This unethical and unscientific practice considers homosexuality a disease and poses a threat to public health through the sale of a “so-called” medicine (with unknown content) with the promise of treating an inexistent disease.

We want to emphasize that creating awareness in the community is as important as taking legal actions against this kind of practices. We believe that everyone with knowledge of the subject, especially health professionals, should be responsible for creating awareness.

The pill may very well be a joke, since it’s allegedly “out of stock”, but LGBTI News Turkey’s Zeynep Bilginsoy is certainly not laughing.

“Even if it is a hoax it doesn’t matter, the existence of this kind of website is very misleading. It is making people believe there is a cure, which is very damaging,”  Bilginsoy told GSN. “I’m pretty sure people have clicked on the site to buy the drug, so even if it is out of stock, it is creating problems.”

Whether the pill is fake or not, it should definitely take a cue from “The Original Gay Pill”, the “penis-flavoured” Gay Away — those queens really knew how to package a product: