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  • Alfonzo

    Look up “potato curse” on urban dictionary. Who wouldn’t choose a potato over a pencil?

  • elvischomsky

    Hello, I’m in England and have never heard of this “Irish Curse” before.
    In my experience Irish men are often rather well blessed in that department…

  • gomez

    after my first 100% irish boyfriend’s generous but crooked dong, i always thought the irish curse was having a staff like a shellaleigh

  • james p. p.

    in my extensive research both here and in Ireland and can tell you this is not always true.

    of course… more research could always be done…. LOL.

  • Lucius vorenus

    Japanese and Chinese have very small richards.

    Africans have huge richards.

    Europeans and Caucasians in general are just average.


    @ LUCIUS: You should be ashamed of yourself for trafficking in stereotypes!

    Of course, being Black myself, I can tell you that part was true.


  • jeffree

    Men from SAMOA have the biggest!

    that was a *pun.* please feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.

  • WiseUp

    I’ve been with enough men in my life to say that Irish men (or Irish American men) vary, like most people, and I’ve had some that were mega-huge.

  • terrwill

    @Lucius vorenus: I have done extensive research on this subject of penile protrusion much of it “hands on” : p and I can inform you that there are in my research on Asian subjects there unfortunatley for our Chinese friends is truth to the stereotype. However if you change your flavor of Asian to Japanese you will find that stereotype is HUGE misapplication of said sterotype! (Hello, Jason!)…. : p

  • J

    First boyfriend was American 1/2 Irish, 1/2 Italian…And was horribly cursed with the Irish Inch…and the icing on the cake was he was 100%top. omg lol.
    My BFF is my brothers high school ex, she also says he was cursed with an inch worm. I think he’s 1/2 Irish and rest mut. Thankfully, I am more french ancestry (3/4 french, 1/4 irish, different dad) and I was blessed. I love my junk.
    *But, I have heard of HUGE Irish guys, but I think they were mostly 100% from the homeland, and not American or otherwise half-bred.
    My current BF is a mix of Irish and others, and he’s at average and it’s lovely.
    Penis stereotypes are exactly that. I’ve seen huge black penis, and smaller then me. Ive seen huge white penis, and baby dick.
    The only stereotype that tends to be all too true are Asians. I mean this in no disrespect though. Just what I’ve observed.

  • Bob

    Why do black men always have to brag about their dick size? I have been with my share of black men and they are about the same size as whites. The difference is theat they are generally showers and white guys are growers. Oh, and it is true, Asians are generally small (I’ve been with quite a few). I am such a

  • Benny

    Chinese men are actually quite huge. I think it has more to do with frames. Black guys have bigger frames, white guys have medium ones, and Asian guys have smaller frames. This is a generalization. But it’s all about proportion. But believe me, the are some Chinese and Japanese guys who are huge. Try one, you’ll be surprised your stereotypes don’t hold up.

  • Nick

    I CAN’T believe some of the stupid stereotypes that are on here.

    Asians aren’t small.

    They’re big as anyone else.

    Dumb dumb comments.

    Good grief.

    Have you guys ever even had Asian cock?

    Yummy. Beautiful. Hot.

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