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New Poll of LGBTs Shows Us Optimistic — And Stigmatized

The Pew Research Center has released the results of the first-ever major survey of LGBT Americans, and there’s cause to be optimistic. Or depressed, depending on what results you look at.

Fully 92% of the 1,197 people who participated in the survey say that things are better than they were a decade ago and that they expect things to be better still in a decade.

So much for the good news.

Nearly 40% say they were rejected by a family member of close friend because of who they are. Thirty percent say they have been attacked or physically threatened and almost as many say they’ve been made to feel unwelcome in a church. Two in ten of the respondents say that they have been treated unfairly by an employer.

The poll used an interesting measure for the strength of the closet, asking respondents if they had told each of their parents. Fifty six percent said they told their mothers, but only 39% had told their fathers. (There’s a large “not applicable” pool here, presumably because the parents are dead.)

So with tomorrow being Father’s Day, what better gift to give Dad than the keys to your closet.