New Poll Shows Virginia May Be Ready To Overturn Same-Sex Marriage Ban

r855084_8131106A new poll shows Virginia voters may be ready to support legalizing same-sex marriage after a 2006 vote that ratified a constitutional amendment defining marriage as “between one man and one woman.”

The poll, conducted by The Washington Post, saw a 13% increase in “acceptance of gay marriage” since 2006, and more specifically, a 25% increase in support from voters who identify as Republican. 56% of those polled think “it should be legal for gay couples to get married,” which is a good sign if Virginia decides to bring same-sex marriage to another vote soon.

Minnesota’s new bill legalizing same-sex marriage made it the 12th state in the nation to do so—the third in just 10 days behind Delaware and Rhode Island. At this rate, Virginia may not have much time before considering legislation to overturn the ban on same-sex marriage. But judging by the new stats, it may be a smoother transition than we expected.

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  • Polaro

    Seriously, if Virginia approves same-sex marriage hell will have frozen over. Not that I would not mind having to wear a coat in hell, but this concept seems to unlikely for this old-man to wrap his head around.

  • MK

    Three small problems: 1) Virginians cannot initiate an amendment, 2) the General Assembly is Republican, and 3) Democrats haven’t won the House of Delegates in 15 years. The Senate might be easier, but at the very least you would need a sympathetic Republican in the House and several Republican votes there, which in Virginia would be no small task. We must hope that Northern Virginia grows at such a rate that a constitutional amendment from the General Assembly becomes feasible. Another thing, we can’t even get a non-discrimination act passed, nevermind a marriage amendment.

  • erikwm

    To amend the Virginia constitution, a legislatively referred constitutional amendment must be approved in two successive legislative sessions. There is no provision for a citizen initiated amendment process.

    Thus, it won’t be easy to repeal the 2006 amendment. Unless Republican politicians relent and start to allow floor votes for these repeal bills, it could be many years before they actually go before the voters in a state like Virginia.

  • sweetbrandigirl2004

    @MK: I agree with everything you said I live in Virginia unfortunately and I can tell you if you think Virginia will approve Gay Marriage your dreaming it isn’t going to happen. Do you realize that Virginia was the last state in the union to approve inter rational marriage and that it ONLY did so then under threat from the U.S Government. Virginia will hold out until the bitter end believe me. Thats why I’m trying to sell my house and move to get the hell out of this place.

  • Dakotahgeo

    I hear distant rumblings. Like tiny leaks in a dam…. All it takes is a tiny, little le….

  • Ken

    Virginia was founded in 1607. To get Virginia into the 21st century, you have to go back to the 17th century and push. Not an easy task.

    Short answer: no.

  • PSPoolside

    Virginia is for lovers, would be nice if that was all inclusive for a change. This is just what’s needed to put Michelle in the padded cell she’s so dearly earned.

  • badtungsten

    I am a Virginian and I have to echo what previous the previous reader comments. Northern Virginia is overflowing with Democrats and socially moderate Republicans. Go 30 miles away from Washington, however, and you’re in the real South again. Voters in Central, Southern, and Southwest Virginia will never support repeal of the 2006 amendment. The only way same-sex marriage will become legal in Virginia is through judicial order. I would love to marry my partner but sadly I will likely have to do that in Maryland or DC if I want to do it any time soon.

  • erikwm

    @badtungsten: As I said above, it certainly won’t be easy. But never? Never is a long time.

    The political dynamics on this are changing rapidly. If opposing gay marriage becomes an electoral liability for the Republicans, never will come soon.

  • FStratford

    Oh ye of little faith!

    Of course its going to happen in VA. Polls in Ohio, Michigan, Nevada and Virginia came out one after another showing that the shift has happened in those states. Just like it did in the New England States and the West Coast states 3 years ago. Just like it did in the mid-atlantic states (ex PA) and MN 2 years ago.

    I mean, after the West Coast (ex Calif) and New England, where else is the revolution going to happen but in the usual suspects:

    West Coast: CA
    Mid Atlantic: NJ & PA
    Desert States: AZ, NV, NM
    Midwest: OH, MI, IL

    Northern VA is almost Mid-Atlantic in nature now, so maybe they will pull it off. The odds are long, but they will have my support. :-)

  • MK

    @FStratford: Unfortunately, more political stars must align than just majority support in a non-initiative state such as Virginia. It really will take overwhelming pressure or historical hindsight for the current political establishment in Virginia to change heart. For example, we have more than 70% support in Germany, and yet there is no sign that the Green’s bill will ever be approved by the CSU/CDU coalition.

  • D9W

    Hey! West Coast: WA, OR, and CA.
    Progression normally starts at CA, then WA, then lastly OR.

  • FStratford


    Agree on Germany. Still too many fascits in the south… oh, its like Virginia? The thing with the new polls, that I liked, is that the change happened in the Republican party – its now either split or pro-gay. So in the next round of elections, it won’t be politically advantageous for a Republican to be anti-gay in VA. The bigots are now effectively neutralized in that state.

  • dugout

    @Dakotahgeo: Indeed.

  • DJ Veno

    Virginia… for gay marriage? I must be in the twilight zone. I’d never thought I would be reading this or seeing it.

  • Elloreigh

    @FStratford: Oh ye of overly-optimistic faith.

    Not going to happen in Michigan, either. We have a Republican house, senate, and governor. If you think the people who elected them are going to vote in favor of repealing our state’s amendment banning any form of recognition for same-sex couples, then I suggest you need to do a LOT more research on the subject to become better informed. (which is a nice way of putting what I’m really thinking).

  • MK

    @Elloreigh: Fortunately, you don’t need the legislature in Michigan. Citizens can petition for an amendment themselves. I think Michigan will be on the 2016 ballot. It would pass today according to multiple polls.

  • FStratford


    You don’t need the legislature for an ammendment in MIC.

    NOW, I suggest you need to do a LOT more research on the subject to become better informed. (which is a nice way of putting what I’m really thinking).


  • Merv

    Public opinion often means very little. Support for outlawing employment discrimination has polled at 85% or more for the last 15 years, yet we are no closer now than we ever were.

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