New Poll Shows Virginia May Be Ready To Overturn Same-Sex Marriage Ban

r855084_8131106A new poll shows Virginia voters may be ready to support legalizing same-sex marriage after a 2006 vote that ratified a constitutional amendment defining marriage as “between one man and one woman.”

The poll, conducted by The Washington Post, saw a 13% increase in “acceptance of gay marriage” since 2006, and more specifically, a 25% increase in support from voters who identify as Republican. 56% of those polled think “it should be legal for gay couples to get married,” which is a good sign if Virginia decides to bring same-sex marriage to another vote soon.

Minnesota’s new bill legalizing same-sex marriage made it the 12th state in the nation to do so—the third in just 10 days behind Delaware and Rhode Island. At this rate, Virginia may not have much time before considering legislation to overturn the ban on same-sex marriage. But judging by the new stats, it may be a smoother transition than we expected.

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