New Polls Show More Marriage Support Than Ever

03-03-14 thumbnailQuick, can you guess which state is showing rapidly growing support for marriage equality? Haha, trick question. The answer is all of them, of course.

We got a ton of new survey data last week, most of it from the Public Religion Research Institute. And it’s no surprise at all that every state they surveyed, from California to North Carolina, shows steadily growing support for the freedom to marry.

This is nothing new — the trend has been pretty much unbroken for the last twenty years — but it’s nice to see it confirmed yet again. And many of these states (like Pennsylvania or Ohio) have relatively little past polling data, so this information is extremely valuable.

And of course, there’s lots of progress in lawsuits from coast to coast. The biggest is probably a ruling in Texas that marriage bans are unconstitutional. That decision has a long way to go before it’s final, but it’s and extremely strong ruling.