New PSA Highlights Nick Adams’ Best Charitable Asset

We heart Nick Adams. We do! The Broadway star isn’t just handsome and willing to bare his ass on stage, but talented and eloquent. And, as this video insists, he’s a giver! From Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS (see: Broadway Bares) to Live Out Loud, Nick has his hands in plenty of do-gooding baskets. Hilarious, then, that in discussing all of Nick’s good deeds, this video from the child mentoring group Gay Life NYC mostly focuses on Nick’s own basket. Which is one way to encourage involvement.

Okay, Cheyenne, it’s your turn to turn one out for charity.

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  • terrwill

    Notice Mr. Schuster from Glee in pic w/Nick?? wonda if he is a FOD also???……… I was wondering is that a “charity basket”??

  • RobinNYC

    Broadway STAR??? We’re becoming veeeeery free to whom we apply that term, aren’t we, Queerty?*

    *No offense meant to the lovely and talented Mr. Adams.

  • Matt

    I love watching the host eye’s read the cards!!! LOL.

  • Lady Ga-Gasp

    Walter Cronkite is turning over in his grave.

  • hardmannyc

    Agree w/Robin. Nick is talented and a nice guy but far away from a star. He’s young, give him time. But that word has been devalued. Is anyone in porn not a “star”?

  • FakeName

    Video’s not loading.

  • AlwaysGay

    He is scorching HOT! His biceps are bursting out of that shirt. Yum.

  • Joe Moore

    He is cute, and yeah Mr. Shoe from Glee is in those pictures…because he has been on Broadway for a while now.

    But this host….lord….he is annoying me. Put the cue cards behind the guest if you really need to read them! And stop panning to only you and then back to him, very badly with the green screen! One shot, that’s how it’s done!

    Sorry, probably got off topic there for a moment. What was the question?

  • REBELcomx

    Mmmm he is definitely damn hot. I can only hope that in bed he can move (and shoot) like he does in the 2007 Broadway Bares performance…

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