Lynne Brown Starts Today

New Publisher For ‘Washington Blade’

Big news out of Window Media – and, surprisingly, it’s not scandalous!

The gay publishing company, which also owns Genre and HX Media, announced that Lynne Brown will take over as Washington Blade‘s publisher.

Brown previously worked as the paper’s director of business development and is “thrilled” to be back in the weekly’s fold:

I am thrilled to be returning to the Washington Blade newspaper, which is a true passion of mine. It touches people’s lives.

“The Blade will continue to be the product that everyone knows and loves. Tweaks and improvements will come on a slow and gradual basis.

Brown also took the opportunity to talk up the paper’s “affluent” readers, a not-so-subtle advertorial seduction: “[The paper] makes for a great buy. When you have to make tight budget decisions, this is an excellent choice – an excellent, solid business choice – advertising to the gay market.” And she’s right: some of Window Media’s rags leave a lot to be desired, but we’re consistently impressed with the Washington Blade‘s reporting and eye-opening editorials.

If you don’t read it, you should.