New Reports Claim Christian Chavez Allegedly Tried To Murder Ex-Boyfriend Ben Kruger

christian-3-christian-chavez-23486451-451-604Hell hath no fury like a drag queen scorned, or better yet, a Mexican pop star drag queen turned (alleged) murderous maniac.

We reported earlier this month that Mexican pop star Christian Chavez was bruised and emotionally broken after a fight erupted between himself and ex-boyfriend Ben Kruger. According to reports, the two were separated after the LAPD was dispatched to a physical altercation at the couple’s Beverly Hills home in April.

Apparently, Chavez was upset that Kruger had tweeted a photo of him in drag, and Kruger was upset about Chavez filming him while sleeping. Heinous crimes!

TMZ uncovered some new details about the couple’s brawl today, including court documents in which Kruger accused Chavez of…wait for it…attempted murder!

According to the reports, Kruger claims “[Christian] attacked me, broke down the bathroom door, armed with knife, attempted murder.” Good lord, why wasn’t he dressed in drag and videotaped when this happened?! They could have made The Soup!

Despite the new allegations, officials have decided not to prosecute Chavez, instead ordering a 100-yard restraining order against him.

100 yards?! How on Earth will Chavez get his makeup caboodle back now!? That stuff can get expensive!