New Ridiculous Way of Activist Groups Counting Their Membership: Facebook Fans

Kudos to Queer Action of Rhode Island for scoring a sit-down with with Rhode Island’s anti-gay Gov. Don Carcieri. But how silly of any organization to count its membership — 200 people — by how many people clicked “Add” on its Facebook group page. And we thought HRC’s membership calculation algorithm was ridiculous.

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  • Brian

    We have a group in Dallas – Queer Liberaction, that does something similar. They claim 400 members, but whenever they have an event they only get 10 people to show up. Many of their “Facebook members” look phony.

  • Keith Kimmel

    Plenty of people join Facebook pages just to show support for the cause and thats it. Try to get them to an actual event and, well…

  • Josh

    Queer Liberaction is bogus. There are too many phony LGBT groups. Why isn’t someone “leading” our effort?

  • terrwill

    Cheeze and freakin Crackers!!!! Why are Queerty People the Gays bashing a Gay group who is attempting to do some good???? They actually got Gov.Death to sit down in a room of live Gays!! WTF??? And I give them kudos for finally taking a cue from the rightwing-nutbag zealot lunatics who have been inflating membership numbers, viewers, and attendance at events (Scarah Pallin book siginings ring a bell??) for decades!!!

  • Susan Heroux

    To clarify, Queer Action of RI has only been in existance since August. We have been too busy doing work to spend time gathering “members.” A reporter asked our number and that was all I could tell him as a way to measure. We certainly don’t consider that a full measurement of Queer Action supporters.
    We just turned in a petition with the names of 425 Rhode Islanders who support overriding the Governor’s veto of the domestic partner funeral planning bill. We met with Majority Leader Fox and the chief of staff for Senate President Paiva Weed. We were glad to see support for the bill not necessarily for our group. We aren’t concerned about bolstering our group’s name but getting results. So while we are starting to develop a mailing list, we haven’t thought much about membership. If you’d like to be on our mailing list send your name, address, email and phone number to: [email protected].

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