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New Rules for GOP Candidates: You Must Support DOMA


Is it so bad the GOP wants to make sure its members stick to certain principles? After all, we call on Democrats to do things like “keep their campaign promises.” Except Republicans now want to ensure members of the RNC stick to a true conservative principle: maintaining the Defense of Marriage Act.

A list of 10 bullet points that RNC members should stick to is being circulated around, as a litmus test for true Republicans. Get out of the way, moderates; “Resolution on Reagan’s Unity Principle for Support of Candidates” has no room for you. In addition to supporting troop surges in Iraq and Afghanistan, and opposing health care “rationing,” the list asks prospective GOP candidates to support “Retention of the Defense of Marriage Act.”

But what if you’re a Republican who has morals and believes DOMA should be repealed? That’s okay, since these are Reagan’s rules, which means you can strike two off the list of 10 things and still fall in line. Break three of them? No funding for you!

Full list here.