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New Rules for GOP Candidates: You Must Support DOMA


Is it so bad the GOP wants to make sure its members stick to certain principles? After all, we call on Democrats to do things like “keep their campaign promises.” Except Republicans now want to ensure members of the RNC stick to a true conservative principle: maintaining the Defense of Marriage Act.

A list of 10 bullet points that RNC members should stick to is being circulated around, as a litmus test for true Republicans. Get out of the way, moderates; “Resolution on Reagan’s Unity Principle for Support of Candidates” has no room for you. In addition to supporting troop surges in Iraq and Afghanistan, and opposing health care “rationing,” the list asks prospective GOP candidates to support “Retention of the Defense of Marriage Act.”

But what if you’re a Republican who has morals and believes DOMA should be repealed? That’s okay, since these are Reagan’s rules, which means you can strike two off the list of 10 things and still fall in line. Break three of them? No funding for you!

Full list here.

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  • Cam

    Their absolute obsession with “Gay” is very telling.

  • terrwill

    CAM: Thats because the majority of these rightwing-nutbag zealot lunatics are self hating Gays ala Ted, Mark, Larry, et all.

    So much for the “big tent”. I say this is the best pre Holiday present the Repugnaticans could have given us. NY District 23 proved their “our way or the highway” mantra is going to blow up in their wretched faces nationwide in 2010 and 2012……..

    They have replaced the “big tent” with a small pup tent which is gonna collapse right on top of them and smother them in their hateful, dispicable ways………….

  • Republican


    Agreed. It’s absurd.


    Care to make a bet regarding the 2010 midterms?

  • Frank

    Republicans? Acting Morally? Puh-leeze!

  • rf

    Last night, Olbermann pointed out that Reagan actually failed on 4 of the 10 points on this list. So he’s out.

  • Steve

    The Democrats continue moving toward the “right”, and the Republicans continue moving even farther to the extreme right wing fringe. If you think of it as a “normal” distribution (it isn’t, but the illustration works), the Democrats are occupying the large hump in the middle, and the Republicans are moving away from that large middle to occupy the right “tail” of the distribution. Many people who call themselves “moderate” may well change their voting from Republican to Democrat. If the Democrats don’t loose too many of the extreme left wing, they could do quite well for the next several election cycles. The “big tent” wins elections. The ideologically pure “small tent” doesn’t.

  • Brian

    87 Democratic members of Congress DO NOT support the Repeal of DOMA. It’s not a “Republican” disease, it’s a religious disease.

    It’s not whether or not you are a Democrat or Republican – it is whether or not you believe in Equality. Only half of Congress does.

  • PopSnap

    They’re going to gain maybe 4 seats max, and the Dems will gain 1 or 2.
    Sadly this will be enough to stall the entire fucking House, and much of the Senate, due to the fact that the Democrats are wholly ineffectual.

  • Brian

    How do they both gain seats little fella?

  • Attmay

    With that attitude they would throw Barry Goldwater (hated religious fundamentalists), Ronald Reagan (opposed the Briggs Amendment), Teddy Roosevelt (supported responsible stewardship of the land), and Abraham Lincoln (the Dixiecrats still take his name in vain daily) out of the party if they were alive today. Looks like I’ll be voting Libertarian more and more.

  • Mark

    The Party of Prejudice, Discrimination, Fear, and willful Ignorance. Their Anti-Gay obsession is tedious. Get a life! Let it go. Move on and focus on yourselves.

  • AndrewW

    This crazy Palin crowd is about 1/3 of the voters in America – laugh at them. THEY are the new “minority.”

  • juoking81

    I found a HOTTEST interracial club for black Women and white Men, or black Men and white Women, to interact with each other. Interracial is not a problem here, but a great merit to cherish!

  • tjr101

    Wow… as a staunch, liberal Democrat I have to admit that I’m really hoping the GOP does implement these “principles.” This will only further alienate millions of voters and keep the GOP in minority status. Is see blue spreading across the map!

  • AxelDC

    That just shows what a good Republican Bill Clinton is. He signed DOMA in 1996 to ensure his re-election, despite being up by double digits over hapless Bob Dole at the time.

    With friends like Clinton, who needs Republicans to attack our rights?

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