New Series “Feral” Looks At Gay Love In The Bible Belt


What if the action of HBO’s “Looking” was dropped right in the middle of Memphis, Tennessee? That’s the question creator Morgan Jon Fox sets out to answer with “Feral,” a new original television series following a wayward band of gay twenty-somethings as they stumble through life and love.

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Fox describes his characters as “kids who are left on their own, whether it’s financially, whether it’s identity, or whether their lovers are deceased. Whatever that is, they’re left to their own devices to carve their own way.”

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The story centers on Billy and Daniel, two best friends who have shacked up in a bungalow situated in the frenetic, artistic queer community of Memphis. Things get off to a bumpy start — they have to kick out their third roommate, because that roommate has a heroin habit he can’t kick — and they only get bumpier as the tale progresses.

“My characters have their issues,” Fox says, ““but I didn’t want them to be based in cynicism. I wanted their motives and struggles to be pure and honest in a way that wasn’t just, ‘I’m a spoiled rich person without meaning in my life.’” To his mind, the fact that the characters are gay is almost besides the point.

“There are so many stories that are set in New York or L.A., but I feel that we have a story to tell that is uniquely southern,” he says. “Memphis is a big city, but because we are in a sense living off the grid, in the Bible Belt, and without the supportive institutions that exist in big coastal cities, we have created our own community, and I think that’s what’s so beautiful about coming up in Memphis.”

“Feral” debuts Oct 6th on Dekkoo.

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  • Hussain-TheCanadian

    This looks promising, I’ll definitely be watching – I hope they explore the cultural/human aspects of gay struggle within conservative societies, that would be fascinating to see.

  • Aromaeus

    More stories revolving around white gay men, I’ll pass.

  • barkomatic

    Looks like an interesting series–and very unlike other gay shows which feature rich gay guys in NY or SF. The only caveat is that the subscription to access it is a bit steep though they do have an impressive catalog. I may bite.

  • adamnfool

    What would be the cost of a web channel hosting licenced LGBT content to any interested viewer for free? Could it be supported by donations and ads? Or does this exist?

  • adamnfool

    Just wondering if there’s a crowdsource way to consolidate relevant content like this and broaden the audience as wide as possible by making it free.

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