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This new series hopes to be the next “Looking” only better

“Interested In” is a new coming-of-age queer web series created by Michael Witkes that will premiere on Dekkoo later this month.

The comedy series follows Parker (played by Witkes), a gay college student from Philadelphia, as he comes to terms with being queer all the while navigating a world of casual hookups and dating apps.

Witkes tells Huffington Post the series offers “fresh commentary on contemporary gay dating and culture.”

But unlike similar shows like Showtime’s “Queer as Folk” or HBO’s “Looking”, Witkes says “Interested In” will offer a more “realistic life after the closet.”

One major distinction is that it only casts queer actors to play queer roles. In other words: None of this gay-for-pay nonsense.

“It’s important that queer people tell queer stories,” he explains, “and that we give these opportunities to actors that have the same lived experiences since we’re often cut out of straight roles.”

“Interested In” has been screened at film festivals in Palm Springs, California, and San Antonio, Texas, among other cities, where it has been received warmly. Season one hits Dekkoo on March 20.

Watch the trailer below.

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