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New Service Lets You Stalk Neil Patrick Harris Between Takes


Celebs like Neil Patrick Harris, Ricky Martin, and Suze Orman regularly use Twitter to update their legions of fans on their whereabouts and whether they can afford a Tahiti vacation while still paying off student loan debt. Now comes, a service that hooks in to Twitter to track thousands of famous folks’ blasts to find out exactly where they’re located. Yes, it’s a real-time star map, Justin Bieber-style. Of course JustSpotted’s creators — on of the investors is an original Twitter investor, go figure — don’t want you using the thing to stalk Adam Lambert and Nicki Minaj. That’s just the casual side effect of spitting out the restaurant names of where celebrities say they’re dining. Though anybody with a mildly public profile already knows not to tweet where they are while they are there. Leave that to the Kardashians. @THR