New Social Media Site Aims To Connect Insecure Straight Women With Reassuring Gay Men

11887845_1879259425631971_3872549080837496499_nGay men, are you pining for a straight women to sip cosmos with while bitching about the guys in her life?

Do you want nothing more than to take a girl shopping for clothes then treat her to a mani/pedi before going back to her apartment, cracking open a bottle of rose, and watching super 0ld episodes of Will & Grace together?

Then have we got the site for you!

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Every Girl Needs a Gay is a new social media website that aims to connect heterosexual women with gay men who can help them live out their passe Sex And The City bullshit fantasies.

According to the company’s website, “Every Girl Needs a Gay is the first friend finder of its kind. We are an online matchmaking service for those seeking their GBF.”

The company was founded by self-proclaimed “consummate artist, accomplished web designer and developer, entrepreneur and digital marketing expert” Gini Garbick, who seems to believe she invented the concept of a fag hag.

“I knew it was imperative that I get this right,” Garbick said in a statement. “Being the first brings a great deal of responsibility. There is no room for error.”

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In addition to being a social media website, Every Girl Needs a Gay also offers an e-newsletter, which it calls, wait for it, “CHER!”

“We’re calling our eNewsletter ‘CHER!'” the website reads. “Timeless, original, and FABULOUS. Her essence is an adjective that says it ALL!”

Membership to the site ranges from $9.99 to $19.99 per month depending on which level of membership you purchase. That’s right, fellas, you have to pay to be treated like a straight woman’s puppy that follows her around everywhere she goes, reassuring her that you’ll never break her heart the way that last jerk she dated did, and then being sure to get the hell out of the way when her Prince Charming finally does come along to sweep her off her feet.

So what’s in it for you?

Don’t ask.

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