New Startup Provides Sexy Shirtless ManServants At Your Beck And Call

urlWant a hunky male servant to wait on you hand and foot? Ask and you shall receive… For a price, of course.

ManServants is a new service that allows people to contract hot gentlemen callers to come to their homes and do various chores. The price? $125 an hour, plus tip. But the company promises it will be money well spent.

Qualifications to be a man servant are not dissimilar to those of a male beauty pageant contestant. Applicants must be devilishly handsome, in good shape, at least six feet tall, and willing to do whatever if asked of them by their masters. Tasks may include everything from singing Disney songs, to filling up champagne glasses, to throwing doves in the air upon their master’s arrival. For an additional fee, man servants may be asked to drive their masters around town, serenade them with a guitar, or speak to them with an accent.

There are boundaries, however. No sex is allowed (whomp, whomp) and the real names and occupations of the men are kept strictly confidential. To avoid the uncomfortable situation of customers falling in love with their man servants, all sessions have a maximum time limit of six hours.

The San Francisco-based startup caters to both women and gay men, and the clients call all the shots, from selecting what “type” of man they want, to setting his dress code, and even picking his name.

“A ManServant will answer to the name you’ve bestowed upon him, whether it’s Garçon, Bartholomew, or Ryan Gosling,” the company’s website reads.

Sounds like our wildest fantasy come true. We’ll take one order of Idris Elba with a side of Chris Pratt and Zac Efron, please.