New Strain Of ‘Gay’ Chlamydia In U.S.

Just hearing the word “chlamydia” makes us cringe because it makes us think of the cotton swab. You know, the one that your gruff, red-faced lady doctor sticks up your peehole as part of the standard STD screening. Right before she does it she says, “OK, brace yourself and don’t look down. This is going to be very uncomfortable.”

That really happened, and traumatized us for a good six months, but the next time we had it done it was no problem, so please don’t be discouraged from getting tested; just avoid anyone who looks like they have it in for your penis.

Getting tested for chlamydia is especially important now that there are 80 confirmed cases of a new, virulent form of chlamydia in the U.S. It causes gross symptoms like anal bleeding and can even be fatal if you don’t treat it, so go get checked out!

Virulent Chlamydia Detected Largely Among Gay Men in U.S. [L.A. Times]