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New study reveals 2021’s horniest cities in America

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We never thought that a landscaper booking website would publish a study about the horniest cities in the United States, but 2021 apparently had more surprises in store for us.

LawnStarter says it ranked the libido levels of 200 U.S. cities by “nine key indicators of sexual arousal,” including proportion of single residents, Google search interest in adult content, and sales of sex toys.

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To measure the thirst of each metropolis, the researchers culled data from All Swingers Clubs, Eventbrite, Google Trends, Innerbody Research, Lovehoney, U.S. Census Bureau, and Yelp.

The results? The horniest cities in America, according to the survey, are:

  1. Paradise, Nevada
  2. Orange, California
  3. Hollywood, Florida
  4. Providence, Rhode Island
  5. Atlanta, Georgia
  6. Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  7. Newark, New Jersey
  8. Dayton, Ohio
  9. Tempe, Arizona
  10. Baltimore, Maryland

Paradise, Nevada, has more sex shops and adult entertainment venues than any other city, according to LawnStarter, while Providence, Rhode Island, sells the most sex toys out of the cities surveyed. LawnStarter also notes that California and Florida cities dominate the top 10 in all nine metrics, crediting those states’ standout sex drives to “sand, sweat, skin, and sangria.”

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And then there’s the bottom 10 — and in this case, we don’t mean “bottom” in the good sense.

  1. Omaha, Nebraska
  2. McKinney, Texas
  3. Naperville, Illinois
  4. Plano, Texas
  5. Brownsville, Texas
  6. Laredo, Texas
  7. Amarillo, Texas
  8. Cape Coral, Florida
  9. Frisco, Texas
  10. Midland, Texas

Um, can someone check on Texas, please?