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  • AlwaysGay

    Congrats to the transsexual model. I think the transsexual model is the last woman on the right, the one with the furry top. Where are the gay male models? Where are the fashion designers letting gay men model?

  • jason

    Givenchy appears to have a homophobic double standard. Note how the two apparent females are kissing each other but there is no male-male equivalent. It appears to be a case of typical fashion company double standards: girl-girl hot, guy-guy to be avoided.

    Isn’t it about time we told the fashion companies to fuck off? They’re our enemies, and I don’t give a rat’s whether they are run by gay men or not. Gay male-run fashion companies can be extremely aversive of the male-male interaction when marketing to the mainstream.

    It’s basically like porn movies. All porn that contains both men and women is extremely welcoming of female-female sensuality but relatively hostile to male-male sensuality.

    As far as I’m concerned, Givenchy can fuck off.

  • jason

    Note how Givenchy allows the two females’ lips to touch but there is no such permission to the man and male-appearing partner (the one with the long hair).

    If Givenchy thinks it can get away with this double standard, it’s got to re-think its strategy. I know tons of my gay male friends who won’t buy Givenchy as a result of this obvious aversion to male-male sensuality.

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