New TP ad says gay men should want clean butts when meeting boyfriend’s parents

Cottonelle, gay ad

Not since the Charmin bears have we felt so squicky about a toilet paper ad.

A new 15-second TV spot for Cottonelle promotes (ahem) “Down there care” by stating, “Today you meet the parents! So before they sit you down, give your booty a confidence boost with cleaning ripples that remove more at once for a superior clean and make you feel like the kind of guy he takes home to mother.”

At the end of the commercial, the same-sex couple smiles lovingly at one another, as if the taller one is proud of his shorter companion for properly cleaning his hind-quarters before meeting ma and pa.

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We’re always happy to see gay couples in ads, and it’s great to be well-groomed and nicely dressed when meeting a significant other’s parents, but has anyone in a stressful, non-sexual situation ever really thought, Oh great, now I can’t feel confident meeting someone’s parents because of my butt?

No, no they have not.

Thankfully, Cottonelle has also released a heterosexual version of the same ad to let everyone know that it’s not just gay men who should feel self-conscious about an untidy fanny.

It’s also cool that the toilet paper brand has been batting away homophobes on Twitter who dislike their new ad for featuring a same-sex couple.

We haven’t been this tickled yet disconcerted by an ad since the Gain laundry detergent ad showing a hunky dad and his young boys sniffing dad’s jockstrap.

And yet, we love it when ads nonchalantly include gay couples. A handful of big brands did this for Valentine’s Day 2017. Apple also featured a same-sex wedding in a 2018 Australian ad shortly after the island continent legalized marriage equality.