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New Video Gives ‘The Breakfast Club’ The Queer Twist You Always Wanted

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You definitely won’t forget about this.

We’re not quite sure who Shura is, but she’ll have our hearts forever with What’s It Gonna Be?, her new video that gives The Breakfast Club a gay spin in a modern day high school. It’s kinda like if Allison and Claire happened to fall for each other in chemistry class, and Andrew and Brian fell in love out on the field.

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It’s adorable fluff, and the references are definitely intentional. They even go to Shermer High School!

If you don’t get that reference, or the one I lobbed at you at the beginning, please go stream The Breakfast Club right now because we’ve all failed at keeping the flame of its pop culture relevance burning bright.

Watch below, and you can check out What’s It Gonna Be? on Itunes and pre-order Shura’s upcoming album Nothing’s Real here.