New Viral Campaign Urges Obama Supporters To “Legalize Love”

Not to be confused with Google’s LGBT-rights campaign of the same name, a group of gay Obama supporters have launched LegalizeLove.com, a website designed to “generate visible support for the President’s pro-equality stance.”

It’s unclear how much the President’s re-election team is involved: The fine print claims LegalizeLove.com is “an Independent pro-equality movement not affiliated with, endorsed by or sponsored by Obama for America,” but the cards, T-shirts, bumper stickers, hoodies, wristbands and other merch touted on the site feature Obama’s signature “O” symbol.

The above video features excerpts from Obama’s various oratory on gay rights, spliced so the President is speaking in unison with lesbian and gay couples from all walks of life, decked out in traditional wedding attire. The campaign also plans to stage rallies across the country and make appearances at both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.

Luke Montgomery, the clip’s co-director, says, “a Romney win in November would be a huge loss for equal marriage rights. This is our time, our chance to join together and make a difference. We hope people are inspired to share the video and ‘marry’ this cause at LegalizeLove.com.”


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