Damaged goods

This new web series is all about being “queer and messy.” We can definitely relate.

Cast of Damaged Goods web series

“I’m a messy person,” says Chicago-based filmmaker Vincent Martell. “Being messy is something we can all relate to at some point.”

Martell’s new six-episode web series Damaged Goods, which premieres this week, follows “messy creatives of color” living in Chicago who are all trying to find their own identifies while navigating a world of chaos and uncertainty.

Speaking to Paper magazine, Martell says, “I’ve never seen proper representation of myself as a gay, black man. We were tired of waiting for people to figure it out, so we took matters into our own hands.”

“The representation we have seen is plastic–based off a white, Hollywood perspective and not authentic or relatable.”

Martell adds: “I’m tired of safe TV and think it’s detrimental to what media can be. So in Damaged Goods, I made the gay sex scenes as edgy, raw and real as possible. I made sure the drug use was an authentic representation of drug use within the nightlight community. Pushing these limits created very real, unapologetic moments in the series.”

Watch the trailer for Damaged Goods below.