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New York Anti-Violence Project Announces Community Wellness Events In Wake Of 9th Attack In May

May-LGBT-March-Rally-by-JJ-Keyes16The New York City Anti-Violence Project (AVP) is launching Friday Safety Night and Community Wellness/Speak Out events in the wake of the ninth anti-gay attack in the month of May.

On Saturday, the New Civil Rights Movement Blog reported that LGBTQ activist and member of Queer Rising Eugene Lovendusky was attacked on May 24th in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood. A group of 9 to 10 men shouted anti-gay slurs and punched Lovendusky in the jaw. Lovendusky spoke at the vigil for Mark Carson and helped organize Queer Rising rally that took place two weeks prior to Carson’s shooting. While AVP is investigating the crime, arrests have been made.

Following the news of the most recent attack, AVP will host Community Safety Nights each Friday throughout Pride month starting May 31st. Each Friday, AVP will do outreach in the neighborhoods where the hate crimes took place to raise awareness and share safety tips.

Additionally, the AVP is joining the LGBT Community Center for a Community Speak Out & Wellness Night. The two groups will bring together community members to discuss the recent events and offer support to those who need it. The event takes place on June 6th at 5:00 at The LGBT Community Center (208 W. 13th St., NY, NY, 10011).

More information about these events and how to get involved can be found at

[Photo: Queerty]