New York City Accidentally Grants Marriage Equality

“Hakim Nelson and Jason Stenson married on May 26 with nary a raised eyebrow among the oblivious city bureaucrats who not only OK’d the marriage license, but conducted the ceremony, despite gay marriage being illegal in the state. The plucky couple filled out their marriage application online at the Apple Store on 14th Street in May. A few days later, they went to the City Clerk’s Office on Worth Street to complete the form and get their marriage license. Nelson — who goes by the name ‘Kimah’ and hopes to one day have surgery to become a ‘full female’ — wore an orange dress and white leggings, his straight, brown hair falling to his shoulders. The gullible clerk didn’t seem to notice that both Nelson, 18, and Stenson, 21, have male first names. They both had to present identification to obtain the license. Stenson used his state ID card, and Nelson gave a state Benefit Card, which he uses to collect food stamps. By a fluke, Nelson’s ID card has an ‘F’ for female on it, because the official who issued it in April assumed from his appearance that he was a woman.” [NYP]