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New York City papered with “Not Wanted” Ivanka Trump posters

It is becoming increasingly more obvious that Ivanka Trump and her family will not be welcomed back to their beloved hometown of New York City come January.

Over the holiday weekend, the city was papered with “Not Wanted” posters featuring the first daughter’s official government portrait.

The posters were distributed by the comedy duo The Good Liars and were taped to street lamps and trees around Manhattan.

This comes just a few weeks after the Lincoln Project paid for two deeply unflattering billboards featuring Ivanka and her husband Jared to be put up in Times Square.

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Last week, Vanity Fair reported that Ivanka has been in “extremely frantic damage control mode” as she struggles to repair her reputation and figure out what the hell she’s gonna do next with her life.

There are rumors she’s considering multiple reality TV offers, including a possible stint on Dancing With the Stars, though nothing has been confirmed.

As for housing, Business Insider reports that she and Jared are planning a move to New Jersey after receiving a “hostile” response when they floated the idea of returning to New York.

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Earlier this month, Ivanka’s former BFF, Lysandra Ohrstrom, wrote a gossipy Vanity Fair op-ed in which she said the first daughter will have a very difficult, if not impossible, time reentering their old friend circle.

“I’ve grown increasingly repulsed by Ivanka’s ability to aid and abet her father,” Ohrstrom wrote. “I’ve been comforted by the certainty that the backlash from those whose respect she craves most must sting.”

Here’s what folx on Twitter have to say about the “Not Wanted” Ivanka posters and where she should consider moving next…

Be best, Ivanka!

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