bye, conservatives

New York Conservatives Apparently Don’t Want any Young People to Vote for Them


New Yorkers just found a new reason to avoid conservatives: the state party has resolved to refuse endorsements of any candidate who supports marriage.

So, what does this mean for that vast majority of young people (like the delightful Minnesota Republican Madeline Koch) who support equal rights? It means that they’re going to have to look outside the Conservative Party to find an attractive candidate.

It also means that now, the only people who are going to be voting for conservatives are people whose life expectancy — how do we put this delicately? — probably doesn’t include too many more elections.

And with more and more politicians coming around to our side every year, before long the Conservative Party won’t have any candidates to endorse at all.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to get involved in New York, there’s no shortage of opportunity to lend a hand: call legislators, donate cash, or join a phonebank.