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  • concretepinata

    Non-story. He was a jackass, but repented, now he’s dead. Is there anything else? Good god.
    Does the link title seem a bit cunty to anyone else? -He spurred the riots and now he’s dead.- Intonating an implied, “…and that’s a good thing.” The title almost seems to imply causation somehow, which seems to be borderline retarded grammar.

  • Mike

    He was a homophobe in 1969. That’s not unusual – the whole world was pretty homophobic back then. At least he saw the error of his ways. Like him or not there’s no denying that he was an important figure / catalyst for the gay rights movement! Is Dave Van Ronk still about?

  • Mike-UK

    Dear Seymour Pine

    Thank you for being; many years ago; a complete idiot.
    You probably did more to set us free than a lot of others.

  • Dawson

    He apologized isn’t that enough? May he rest in peace. When did some of you become so hateful? Are you so free of sin? If nothing else show some class.

  • Kev C

    A homophobe apologizes and people are supposed to forgive them? We see this a lot. A celebrity makes threats or calls names, then says it’s a joke, sorry, my bad .. and all is forgiven? No, fuck you pal, eat worms.

  • Fitz

    @Kev C: I am as bitter as anyone, BUT… we don’t know how real or contrite he was. You have to allow some kind of absolution or there is no positive reinforcement for people when they do grow.

  • Kev C

    @Fitz: If he was really sorry, he’d have committed Seppuku like honorable japanese men do. I’m sure he lived a long, comfortable life and died a comfortable death, unlike many dead gay men I’ve known. Some, because of police actions or inactions.

  • Mike

    Seymour Pine was a product of his time. In 1969 being gay was utterly illegal, scorned and hated. We should not judge him in the year 2010 by the values prevalent in 1969. He apologised for his earlier homophobia. That is good enough for me. Seymour Pine helped spark the Stonewall Riot. The Stonewall Riot was a wonderful event, so I’m thankful for his participation.

  • Kev C

    @Mike: You should read more about what he said. He had “no regrets”, felt what he did was right, and not sorry in the least. He didn’t see anything wrong with his raids and what he did for a living (beating, harrassing and arresting gays, trashing gay bars). He was just following orders. Just an awful man.

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