New York Jets Linebacker Thinks Homosexuality Is A Sin, But Would Welcome Gay Player If He Helps The Team Win

Demario DavisWinning trumps everything. At least it does for DeMario Davis. The New York Jets linebacker has revealed he’s capable of putting aside his personal religious belief — you know, that being gay is a sad, sinful and sorry existence — and would be agreeable to having a queer player on his team.

Davis chatted with New York Daily News about his, ahem, progressive perspective. He explained that he agrees with his team’s philosophy that winning is the only thing that really matters.

“I want people to understand how DeMario Davis feels versus how the Jets feel,” he shared. “How we feel as an entire organization? We’re about winning. It’s a business of winning. Anybody that can help our team, we’re more than happy to have them. It’s that same open-arms approach: we respect all in our locker room. We love all in our locker room.”

That’s all great, but then Davis drops the ball with his next comment.

“According to the scriptures, and God’s law, homosexuality is wrong,” He, pardon, he said. “The act is wrong. I’ve got homosexuals in my family who I love to death. I’ve got drunks in my family. I’ve got people who have premarital sex in my family. And I don’t agree with any of those things, but I still love and respect those people.”

When you’re a Jet…