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  • justiceontherocks

    Poor journalism. Maybe Elton is the wife.

  • dvlaries

    Perfectly in keeping with the sensitivity we should expect from any Murdock enterprise, isn’t it?

    I like Elayne Boosler’s old assessment of the Post: “It’s like a newspaper …in fact, people buy Hustler to have something to hide the New York Post in on the way home.”

  • Daez

    Oh come on, EJ and his bitch deserve all this and more. He turned his back on the gays and sold out for one million dollars. Rallying around him is just condoning his lifestyle (of throwing our community under the bus to fuel his own need for greed).

  • Kennedy

    Disrepectful but the paper is trash anyway so why worry.

  • Michael Cooke

    It’s really sad that this headline must be interpreted as an insult. If it is humiliating to be a ‘wife’ rather than a ‘husband’ in a gay relationship – what does that say about our appreciation of women? What does that say of our appreciation of the receptive partner in a gay male relationship (assuming they don’t take turns and trade sex roles regularly?)?

    So while the NY Post belies a conservative bias and likely used the language ‘wife’ as a function of that bias – we aren’t required to go along with it. I’m a Gay man and should I get married, I’ll be no less proud of my relationship regardless of the label you use, and I feel both ‘Husband’ and ‘Wife’ are equally respectable!

  • Andrew

    @Michael Cooke: I don’t know about anyone else but that wasn’t why I was upset. I was upset because it seemed to me like they forced them into a hetero-normative coupling.

  • kayla

    @Michael Cooke: Okay Michael you whackjob, let a woman respond to you ridiculous comment. It’s insulting because as far as I know Elton’s partner is a MAN!!! And as such, he’s a HUSBAND, not a WIFE. I hope to be someone’s wife someday…but then again, I’m actually a woman…Labeling him a “wife” falls into the ridiculous assumption, that in gay relationships someone has to take on the opposite gender role, that’s why retarded fools are always asking gay couples, which one’s the man and which one’s the woman…WHEN WILL THE STUPIDITY END!

  • pete

    @kayla: I couldn’t have said it better myself! It was meant as a belittling insult by the Post. But as noted above, it’s a rag sheet.

  • jason

    The New York Post is Rupert Murdoch’s daily dose of diarrhea on the people of New York.

  • MikeE

    mind you, technically, neither Elton nor David are “the wife” nor “the husband”, as they don’t believe in same sex weddings. They are in a civil partnership.

    as much as I may loathe Elton John, I hope he sues the pants off that rag.

  • edgyguy1426

    @Daez: “EJ and his bitch deserve all this and more…”
    Since when are we hanging the million dollar wedding fee on his partner? Why does his partner deserve the term ‘bitch’?

    If he got a million from Limbaugh for a few hours work and then donated a few million here and there to charities, which of those dollars were from Limbaugh and which were not? I’m for one grateful that there was a transfer of money from Limbaugh to Elton John and then to charity. But what part his partner plays in it I don’t know..

    John has donated $60.4 million to charities for Aids, medicine, children, and music in the past twelve months. The money he has donated has gone to help all of these causes, and along with the money, John has given assistance to many charities.

  • Daez

    @edgyguy1426: Making a deal with the devil is not forgiven because you hand over the blood money.

    Perhaps his partner could have said, “no EJ, don’t do this, it will make you look like a raving dousche that sold out the very people who made you famous.”

    Rush Limbaugh just wanted to prove EJ was for sale, and EJ played right into his hands.

  • Dollie

    @Michael Cooke: @kayla: All right, Michael, you well-spoken (well-typed?) man! Let another woman respond to your comment! I agree 150% and couldn’t have said it better myself. :)

  • tjr101

    The NY Post is Faux News in print, nothing surprising here.

  • adman

    Hnyahhaha! nyuk nyuk lulz. Professional people who slave away at thankless tasks in answer to the nobler impulses of mankind can be sooooo funny when they late off a little steam! It kills me, imagine a 40 year old newspaper editor really being a childish, coddled, little parasitic maggot who would do something like that in all seriousness. It couldn’t happen! In the US? that’s just rich.

  • jason

    The New York Post is run by a cabal of slimy Australians with anal warts.

  • robert in NYC

    Kayla, No. 7, the fact that the NY Post rag, arguably the bastion of yellow journalism, used the term “wife” as a slur at gay men, it was done deliberately to demean us and gay couples. But what can you expect from such a filthy gutter rag owned by equally vile Rupert Murdoch who is a proponent of homophobia. This disgusting paper has long been a shill for the GOP and its vile right wing rednecks and arch tea bagger Palin. Its opposition to same-sex marriage and overturning DADT is notorious.

  • Trip

    Sounds about right to me.

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