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New York Senate Democrats Manage to Send 0 Senators To Its Own Pride

Gay Rights March

Thanks to the circus that is New York’s State Senate — Democrats locking Republicans out of the chamber, guarding the gavel, trading barbs with Gov. David Paterson in the press — no state senators were on hand for a Hollywood & Broadway-themed pride celebration in New York City — sponsored by, uh, the New York State Senate Democrats.

While the event went on without its legislative sponsors, and Cleve Jones and Dustin Lance Black delivered their keynotes speeches, the entire evening was an example in brutal irony: At one Democratic event last night, we refuse to even attend with elected Dems; but at this one, we can’t even get elected Dems to attend with us.

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  • Captain Freedom (HRC doesn't speak for me)

    I love Cleve Jones. Love him to death…. but lately he has been pretty weak at organizing the base. Such is noted from his recent attempts to web-organize. He needs to get it together and step his game up.

  • Cam

    I am getting the feeling that the democrats never liked us, they just used the “Evil Republicans” as an excuse for why our rights could never be front burner. Now when there is an opportunity to do something the truth seems to be coming out.

  • Puddy Katz

    Not even Tom Duane?

  • Jersey

    I’m beginning to think they’ve used us like the repubs use the anti-abortion crowd. With no intention to ever give us anything. That would be the dems on the national level, local level may be different, they have to run into us at the supermarket.

  • mike

    @Jersey: There is no “local level” in New York.

  • SM


    I don’t think the Democrats use you at all. It would actually be easier for the Democrats if we did not have to deal with the Religious Right on so many wedge issues.

    The problem is America is a social baby when it comes to change and you have to push and push. Its the same story over and over for different civil rights issues.

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