New York Times Gives Us Permission To Take Credit For Obama’s Win

Who’s to thank for Obama winning the election? Why, it’s us gays, of course, according to the New York Times.

It’s hardly a surprise, given that Obama’s been a friend of friends of Dorothy for many years. But our community’s vote gave him “the ultimate advantage,” according to a UCLA study.

Among LGBs (transgender people were not included), 76% voted for Obama. Romney got an astonishing 22%. And the remaining 2%, we assume, were simply captivated by the idea of a Roseanne Barr presidency.

Assuming we comprise about 5% of the electorate, our preference for the President is nothing to sneeze at.

Some Republicans have seen the writing on the wall and hopped over to our side, at least when it comes to marriage equality. But others are doubling down: A Santorum staffer maintained that opposing marriage equality is a “moral value.”

Fortunately, crazy rhetoric like that is making less and less sense every day, as evidenced by voters’ rejection of mean-spirited political gay-bashing. We wish Rick Santorum and his staff a long and comfortable retirement in which to reflect on that.