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New York Times profiles rich, gay married pro-Trump couple


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The New York Times recently published a profile of Bill White and Bryan Eure, a married gay New York City couple throwing a $5 million dollar fundraiser for U.S. President Donald Trump.

Only at the very end does the profile mention that White paid a million to quiet down his role in a multi-million dollar grifting scandal.

The profile points out that the couple “are not red state evangelicals or die-hard right-wingers.” They supported Hilary Clinton in the last election and once hosted a $39,500-a-plate fundraiser dinner for Obama at their Chelsea townhouse.

However, they apparently became Trump supporters on Election Night. When they realized Clinton was losing, they drove to the Trump victory party at the New York Hilton.

Mr. White told The New York Times, “I didn’t want to be part of that misery pie; I’m not a wallower in self-pity. I really believe that once that decision is made, you have to get behind your president.” (Uh-huh. We’re sure it helps if you’re rich.)

Eure apparently likes Trump because he “picks up on the first ring,” unlike Chelsea Clinton, who allegedly has her calls screened by five gatekeepers, and Hilary, whose staffer once blocked Eure from giving her a personal hello at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

The couple also considers Trump’s lies mere “exaggerations” and “embellishments.” They also excuse away Trump’s racism by pointing to the slightly improved employment rate for black Americans.

As for why the couple supports the most anti-LGBTQ president of all time? “I don’t like identity politics,” says Eure, pointing to Trump’s appointment of gay German ambassador Richard Grenell as proof of his LGBTQ-support.

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Okay, enough of this nonsense. Let’s clear a few things up:

First, between Trump’s support of so-called “religious freedom” laws and his constant targeting of trans-rights, he is anti-LGBTQ. Full stop.

Second, though Eure may not like “identity politics,” Republicans regularly play identity politics all the time, using racial resentment to fire-up their base and filing 127 anti-LGBTQ bills in state legislatures in 2017 alone.

Lastly, White and Trump are cut from the same grifty cloth.

White paid a $1 million settlement “for his role in a massive state pension fund pay-to-play scandal,” according to the New York Daily News. He was accused of taking money to secure million dollar deals for investment companies looking to manage state pensions.

In this way, he’s a bit like Trump, the guy who paid a $25 million settlement with students who sued him for his fraudulent “secrets of success” courses at Trump University.

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