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New Yorkers drag Meghan McCain over “War Zone” tweet

Conservative The View co-host Meghan McCain has sparked conversation again, this time over a tweet slamming New York lawmakers and declaring the city a “war zone.”

“My neighborhood in Manhattan is eviscerated and looks like a war zone,” McCain tweeted June 2. “DeBlasio and Cuomo are an utter disgrace. This is not America. Our leaders have abandoned us and continue to let great American cities burn to the ground and be destroyed. I never could have fathomed this.”

Neighbors of McCain, as well as fellow New Yorkers, quickly chimed in to push back against her claim.

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“Meghan, we live in the same building, and I just walked outside. It’s fine,” tweeted Kristen Bartlett. Bartlett works as a writer on Full-Frontal with Samantha Bee.

“I was in NYC yesterday, midtown, uptown and the Bronx,” replied Allyson Levitas Tanis. “I saw nothing that looked remotely like a war zone. POTUS is inciting violence. NYPD are inciting violence. Protesters are fighting for their lives. Stop with the white girl drama.”

“Hahaha, no,” tweeted comic Sean Kent. “The President has failed us and your husband is a plagiarist hack who could only get a job at at that piece of sh*t The Federalist.” Kent’s remarks refer to McCain’s husband Ben Domenech, a controversial conservative writer who lost his job at The Washington Post after plagiarizing several articles.