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New York’s Gays Flee to WASPy Enclave to Eat Expensive Cake With Friends & Family

If you’re familiar with New York City, you’ll know many of those fancy rich people who (used to?) work on Wall Street often don’t live in the city, but instead commute from the wealthy enclave of Fairfield County, Connecticut. It let’s them enjoy the privacy of the suburbs while raking in the big bucks Manhattan has to offer. Except, now the Connecticut area has a whole new reason to attract New Yorkers: You can get gay married there!

Apparently, gay New Yorkers are “flocking” to Greenwich, Conn., the richest little town per capita ($433,000 per person) in the nation, for their wedding vows. In a story ripped straight out of a Connecticut Office of Tourism press release, the Times relays news of some 139 gay New York couples having made the “20 minute drive” (in what, a spaceship?) to satisfy their need to have all the rights and privileges of heteros. It’s helped make Greenwich Connecticut’s most gay-married town in the state.

It also points out the obvious: Gays still can’t get married in New York. Despite an expected budget deficit of $47 billion over the next four years, the State Senate won’t pass through a same-sex marriage bill that would generate untold sums in additional tax revenue.