New York’s New Archbishop Isn’t Anti-Gay, Just Anti-Gay Marriage


Milwaukee import Timothy Dolan today becomes the Archbishop of New York, reigning over a flock of parishioners four times the size he’s used to. So what do we know about the guy? He’s anti-stem cell research. He’s anti-abortion. And he’s anti-gay marriage. But he’s not anti-gay. Huh?

The illogical reasoning is one Dolan insists makes sense, but to our ears is akin to “I don’t want blacks and whites marrying, but I’m no racist.” THIS IS NOT A SOUND ARGUMENT.

Even still, local gay rights organizations are willing to extend an olive branch to the incoming religious leader. “My stance is one of conversation, not confrontation,” says Empire State Pride Agenda director Alan Van Capelle. “There are many core values that we share.”

Preaching hate? Not among them.

Adds Jeff Stone of gay Catholic organization Dignity/New York: “We need a leader who is a cardinal of all the people, including us.”

And if New York’s very present gay marriage debate doesn’t provide enough fodder, sports will: Dolan is a rabid Cardinals fan, which won’t go over well in Yankee/Mets territory.

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