L'shanah tovah

New York’s Orthodox Rabbis Celebrate the Miracle of Failing to Legalize Gay Marriage


Between the Catholic and Mormon churches, it almost seems like there’s no room at the table for other zealots to pull up a chair at the faith-based haterade table. But now a group of Orthodox Jewish rabbis have done just that! Except, since Jews don’t believe in hell, they don’t have anywhere to send homosexual sinners, so they’ve got to come up with something else. Like calling for the heads of any politicians who support giluyai arayos (that’s “immoral unions” for the unfamiliar).

After hearing from New York’s rabbis in November, now we’ve got this release from a one Dovid Z. Schwartz (this guy, apparently), where they’re we learn a group of New York City area rabbis are celebrating the Hanukkah miracle.

In a strongly worded decision, some of the most prominent Orthodox rabbis advised their communities to “no longer continue to support or elect leaders who have publicly showed their approval for giluyai arayos [immoral unions], activities that stand exactly opposite of all our work as Jews to increase the awareness and influence of Hashem the Almighty in this world… No money, no public displays of approval, and no votes should be given to politicians who have made documented, public statements or who have voted in favor of laws that seek to normalize the[se] forbidden relationships.”

The ruling follows last month’s vote in the New York State Senate, which the rabbis called “an open miracle,” where “Hashem thwarted the will of nearly every top elected leader of the state.” The Senate reaffirmed traditional marriage by an overwhelming margin, rejecting proposed changes to the definition of marriage that would legitimize homosexuality.