New Zealand Based Hell Pizza Thinks It’s Laughably Misfortunate To Marry A Trans Person

Unless you’re a Kiwi, you probably haven’t eaten at a Hell Pizza. They have pizzas named after the seven deadly sins, provide coffin-shaped to-go containers “for your remains” and once ran a controversial ad campaign featuring the skeletal remains of Sir Edmund Hillary, Heath Ledger and the Queen Mother dancing on gravestones. But even the irreverent pizza company recently repented for their “mis-fortune cookies” reading “You will marry a transgender.”

After getting deservingly raked across the coals online, the company apologized via its Facebook account:

“Wow, you go away for a weekend and step back into a maelstrom. Guys, you’re right and we’ve seen the light on this one. We agree that we may have inadvertently hurt some of our greatest advocates and for that we unreservedly apologize. We like to be irreverent and cheeky but we realise we stepped over a line on this one.”

If they had been listening to the Christian right at all, they would know that transgender people are the very spawn of Satan, just like all gays, lesbians and bi folks—duh.

Thumbnail image via trkutux