New Zealand Scientists Would Like You To Drink Transgender Goat Milk

Hide your teets, ladies! A research facility in New Zealand is currently breeding transgendered goats (or “goys” as they’re called) in order to see if their milk has the same proteins as human breast milk. Critics fear that by playing “God” the goys will escape and taint the rest of the larger sheep population’s DNA, although the goats are reportedly sterile. So, the next time you serve goat cheese at your dinner party, remember to smear some for the goys.

Will trans-goat breast milk ice cream and cheese soon appear at our local grocers? Will the goys eventually get to join Koko the trans-horse on a big trans farm?!! Fingers crossed.

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  • Gray

    Points for illustrating the story with a pic of James McAvoy.

  • goats tainting sheep?

    But you loose points for thinking goats can taint sheep DNA. That would be like
    a sparrow breeding with a canary.

  • Ogre Magi

    @Gray: You know, I always wondered. If Mr.Tumnus didn’t wear pants how come we couldn’t see his ding-dong?

  • j

    If mr tumnus wasn’t half goat I actually think he’d be kinda cute. Just sayin’…

  • Elise Adams

    Drink Transgender Goat Milk – This is some poor reporting if I have ever seen some.

    If they had bothered to listen to the scientist doing the research they would have reported that they aren’t actually breeding transgender goats they are simply breeding goats that can breast feed human milk, it is a important distinction and one that has extremely shoddy science reporting.

    Dr Jimmy Suttie from AgResearch, (the company behind the research) said “It was inadvertent. This is something which normally happens about 10 to 15 per cent of the time in this breed of goat. It just happens to be the cell line that was used.” For the 15 goats in the study, 75% were intersex. That’s right intersex people not transgender two very different things.

    Just to further clarify intersex humans are born at a rate of 1 in every 100 babies. a reasonably high number which all species experience.

    Below is a article that properly reports the facts without the bull.

  • Andreusz

    @j: You mean if he was ALL goat!!??

  • Jeffree

    Wait, I thought the plural of “goy” was “goyim”…ok, nevermind.

    Now that some places serve breastmilk icecream (from humans), maybe goy breastmilk lattes will be on our menus soon.

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