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New Zealand’s $8 Billion In Earthquake Damages Caused By Homosexuals Skiing

No, it’s true! I read it on the Internet. The $3.5-8 billion in insurance claims and dozens of deaths caused by yesterday’s earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, is how god is punishing kiwis — because they didn’t learn after the quakes he sent in September! (that’s “Copyright – Christchurch Earthquake – No More Poofter & Lesbian Festivals”) points to the “‘Snow Gaymes’ and Butch Lesbian antics of Gay Ski Week” as the root cause of the natural disaster. I find this conclusion offensive, because I know for certain gay softball leagues were also at fault.

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  • ChiGuy76

    I was waiting for the Christianists to start blaming this on the gays.

    Remember, everything is our fault. From natural disasters to the stumbling economy, the gays are to be blamed for this not the (typically) white, heterosexual men who head companies and banks that gamble with our savings and retirement funds and fight every effort to clean up the massive amounts of pollution their companies cause. No, it could never be their fault…..

  • Joseph

    One can also argue that New Zelands riseing mumber of homophobic incidents is to blame. One can also argue that Ned from down the road’s decision to drive to work instead of walk to also to blame.

  • Joseph

    Sorry for the typos *number *is also the bla….

  • MikeE

    this is all silly.
    the resurgence in christian fundamentalism and biblical literalism is what causes ALL earthly disasters, as God is disappointed that mankind is reverting to more primitive behavior, blaming acts of nature on “mystical events”.

    I know for a fact that God wants us to stop believing in him. He is sick and tired of answering all those “please God, let my football team win this big game” prayers, and all of those “please God, I promise I’ll stop screwing around on my wife if you make it so my boss doesn’t fire me” prayers.

    Come on. God just wants a bit of time to Himself!

  • tarxien

    We never did hear what caused that massive earthquake in Haiti. Is there a strong Gay rights movement there?

  • san

    @tarxien because they did not hate gay with enough passion so God punished them too

  • Wade

    its disgusting some of you are making light or even joking about this BLACK event in NZ history. I live in NZ, not far from CHCH, the quake was felt here. the numbers of dead is not in the dozens it is likely to reach 300+ as so many are still buried and being left for dead as its too hard or they can’t see any signs of life. Christchurch itself which is a BIG city literally has to start again from the bottom up..a city completly wiped out. think before you type please.

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