Politico Points Finger At Racism

New Zealand’s Maori Not Getting HIV Treatment?

Politicos are taking on the New Zealand government’s allegedy inaction over rising HIV rates in the Maori populations. The Maori, an indigenous group, have seen a sharp, totally frightful rise in fresh HIV infections since the beginning of the year.

Maori politico Tariana Turia laments,

The September 2007 report reveals that HIV infection amongst Maori has risen from 6.4% of all notifications in 2006, to 11.4% in the first six months of 2007.


Turia also says that she’s lobbied New Zealand’s leaders to take a stand, but their reaction’s been less than urgent. In fact, Turia intimates there may be some tried and true racism at play:

I have advised the Minister of Health some two months ago.

Let’s face it, this same ethnic targeting which favors white males is a reflection of the bias which exists in the wider community and society.

But, really, who cares if the melanin-inclined die? They’re only good for a. repressing and b. entertainment. Those categories aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.