Marriage Mend

Newly Reconciled Johnny Weir And Victor Woronov Want You To Respect Their Privacy

After publicly leaking various absurd details about their split, bad mouthing one another, and doing television interviews, Johnny Weir and husband Victor Woronov have reconciled and would like it if you prying homosexuals would respect their privacy.

A public call for privacy on Twitter of all places is just begging to be mocked, but the social media platform is where Johnny dropped the news just days after proving to be a big hit with NBC’s coverage of the Kentucky Derby

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We would say that any pleas for privacy were out the door once word got out about Weir’s distaste for Grindr and mutual masturbation within the sanctity of his marriage, but we digress.

We certainly hope these crazy kids get it together and work things out, and though Weir has got a pretty steady gig at NBC, we’d personally love to see that reality show Voronov accused Weir of plotting for.

It would probably be as big of a hit as that Kentucky Derby hat.